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what is going on with all this new-fangled ‘mobile’ gibberish ?

It’s quite amazing how fast all this ‘modern technology’ malarkey changes.Just the other day, I phoned up Humphrey, who started barking down the phone in his usual manner, “What do you want Bookbinder? I’m on the way to see my stockbroker. Lost me thirty thousand pounds, the absolute scoundrel. Well, we’ll see what he has […]

Email your friends and colleagues a doughnut [donut?!?]…

Well, blog me to the ground and stick birthday candles up my nose… Horsemeat has just launched a new, improved, fantastical Doughnut Email Server tool. Sick of friends and colleagues constantly complaining that they are hungry, even though you watched them eat a bag of crisps and three bananas only thirty minutes ago ? Sick […]

Real alternatives to false teeth.

After enduring a rather painful trip to my dentist in Sloane Street, I started to wonder why in an age where any part of a person’s body can seem to be modified or enhanced (mainly for reasons that are little more than vanity), people are not demanding crazier and wackier modifications to their own teeth. […]

Blog My Blog !!!

Well, blog my blog, its Horsemeat… Blog my arse in a frying plan and serve it up for breakfast… Horsemeat has arrived to serve up off-tangent thoughts and ideas to the merry citizens of Bloggington Town. Blog blog blog. Hungry ? Then just blog on down to the shops and blog yourself some food. Bored […]