Email your friends and colleagues a doughnut [donut?!?]…

Well, blog me to the ground and stick birthday candles up my nose…

Horsemeat has just launched a new, improved, fantastical Doughnut Email Server tool.

Sick of friends and colleagues constantly complaining that they are hungry, even though you watched them eat a bag of crisps and three bananas only thirty minutes ago ?

Sick of hearing about the latest fad diets that you know are doomed to failure, just like the last seventeen. “I’m trying the aubergine and dry-roasted peanut diet this week…”


Back in the days when fax machines were still hugely important devices, I used to bombard people with messages to “FAX ME A DOUGHNUT…”, and in most cases they would draw a doughnut on a piece of paper and fax it to me (probably just to shut me up).

However, thanks to the marvels of email and the web, we can bring this concept into the 21st century, and you can now email someone a doughnut instead.

It’s easy.. Just select a reason, add your names and their email address, and send a lovely fresh doughnut to their Inbox.

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