Real alternatives to false teeth.

After enduring a rather painful trip to my dentist in Sloane Street, I started to wonder why in an age where any part of a person’s body can seem to be modified or enhanced (mainly for reasons that are little more than vanity), people are not demanding crazier and wackier modifications to their own teeth.

If you have your teeth fixed, it is usually to repair or straighten them. Any ‘modifications’ usually involve creating or restoring a perfect set of white teeth (although I do concede that some people do sport Gold teeth).

However, what if you don’t want white teeth? How about a set of:

  • Wooden teeth
  • Green transparent teeth
  • Transparent white perspex teeth
  • Transparent teeth that change colour (just like ambient wall lighting)
  • Metallic Fangs

However, whilst discussing these possibilities, it became apparent that it could be necessary to drill into your skull in order to fasten the teeth into place, the thought of sporting a set of green perspex teeth became somewhat less attractive.

However, if they were available, I’m sure that there are individuals who are brave enough (or daft enough) to go for it…

If you have any interesting ideas for sets of teeth, please let us know…