what is going on with all this new-fangled ‘mobile’ gibberish ?

It’s quite amazing how fast all this ‘modern technology’ malarkey changes.Just the other day, I phoned up Humphrey, who started barking down the phone in his usual manner, “What do you want Bookbinder? I’m on the way to see my stockbroker. Lost me thirty thousand pounds, the absolute scoundrel. Well, we’ll see what he has to say about that…”

Humphrey continued his little rant, but it suddenly occurred to me that I could hear the sound of traffic in the background.

“Are you standing on a street by any chance,” I joked.

“Yes Nigel,” he replied, “I’m on my mobile. Wait until I get my hands on that scoundrel…”

“Mobile?? I asked.

“Don’t be an arse Nigel,” he replied. “I’m busy. I’m entering the building right now. I’ll speak with you later.”

Mobiles? Let me tell you, I was quite bemused. It was only later that evening when I asked my friend Crispin about this, that he explained to me about these ‘mobile phone’ contraptions. Let me tell you. My mind was simply blown away. It took me several hours to grasp this concept of … A TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICE WITHOUT WIRES….

Absolutely amazing!!! I’ve still been sending my friends and associates messages via Telegram.

However, I’m not sure whether I’d go so far as to buy one of these ‘mobiles’. Maybe I’ll wait and see if they actually catch on.

After all, it could end up being yet another of my rash purchases, like the AquaCar that sits in my garage with its inbuilt Quadraphonic Sound System.

Oh well, nearly time to leave and go to the Theatre…