another sighting of ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’

Following the previous post, I have been contacted by a reader (who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of repurcussions) who stated:

“I boarded a train at London Liverpool Street this morning, sat down, and saw an evil looking avocado grinning at me from the opposite seat. Luckily I was chatting on my mobile phone, so I managed to take a quick photo of it. However, seconds later, the avocado was gone.”


However, disturbing things started to happen:

“Firstly, I couldn’t find my ticket, although I swear it was in my wallet not five minutes previously. I had to pay thirty pounds for a new ticket. A minute later, a very drunk soldier, on his way back from a tour of Iraq, sat down next to me, and obviously wanted an audience for his boastful ramblings. When I started to read my newspaper, he started to get very abusive and aggressive, shouting in my face that “you should be grateful for people like me…” I really thought I was going to get a kicking. Luckily, he fell asleep about ten minutes later. This gave me the opportunity to climb over the table, and move to another carriage. However, when I went to visit the toilet just before I was due to leave the train at my stop, the lock on the toilet door jammed, and I was unable to get out. I started banging on the door, and by the time the train staff managed to force the door open, I was fifty miles away from my stop. Then I had to get another train back to where I should have been. I missed my meeting, and may have missed out on a sales contract worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. My boss went absolutely mental.”

Is this mere coincidence, or more evidence of the chilling effects that can result from a brush with ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’…