more sightings of ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’

We have just received another disturbing report about a sighting of ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’.

Haroun Backslash, a software engineer from Nottingham, contacted us and stated:

“I was looking for some books in my local library, and I saw the freakish avocado sitting on a shelf next to some books. I quickly took a picture with my mobile phone, and before I could reach out and touch it, it had vanished into thin air.”


Those who have been following this story will not be surprised by what happened next:

“Later that evening, I sat down to read my library book. When I turned to chapter one, all I could see was the text ‘Michelmas is very angry’ in huge type. Flicking through the rest of the book, this text appeared on every page. I got very spooked, and shouted for my wife to come over and have a look. However, about two seconds later I heard a massive crash, and several armed policemen waving guns burst into my living room and started yelling at me, telling me to lie down on the floor. I was handcuffed, and driven away to a police station.”

He continues…

“After sitting in a cell for what seemed like an eternity, I was taken to an interview room where I was informed that I had been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, as I fitted the description of the robber. They showed me some CCTV footage that showed a thin white man in his early twenties waving a handgun around in a petrol station. I commented that it could not possibly be me, as I am dark skinned, sport a thick black beard, am heavily built and in my late thirties. After a solicitor arrived, the officers went away, then came back and admitted that they may have ‘made a mistake’. No apology. They just let me go.”

He concludes…

“When I got back home, I looked at my book, and the text was back to normal again. Just lots of chapters about programming in C++. I have to tell you my nerves have suffered tremendously since then. I am constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting for that avocado to appear.”

On behalf of horseMEAT, we congratulate Haroun for having the courage to share this information with us.