how does Michelmas choose his victims?

Those of you who are now familiar with ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’ may ask:

Why does he appear?
How does he choose his victims?

We are currently researching the first question, but have received an email from Arnold Brackhild, who states:

“I think you credit Michelmas with more intelligence than he really deserves. See the attached image that I took several years ago. You can see Michelmas looking through a phone book. Maybe he selects victims at random in this way.”


Possibly, but we feel this does not constitute any real proof. For all we know, he could have been looking up the address of an old friend. Or ordering a pizza.

Interesting theory though. Many thanks Arnold.

However, should Michelmas be reading this, let us state: WE ARE NOT SCARED. Take the example of the strange pinnochio-like creature who once followed me around for several years. Well, he is now doing a long stretch in ‘Puppet Prison’. So there!