My parents left me a fruit salad…

I like other horsemeat readers have been gripped by the recent sightings of ‘Michelmas The Evil Avocado’.
True, I’d never heard of an avocado before but this triviality didn’t stop me in my enquires.
Well actually it did. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I forgot all about it.

I went to see De La Guarda instead.
Anyway a week later, I went to the fridge and noticed a bowl behind the Parmesan cheese and Czech lager.
“BY ANDY WARHOLS BOOTS!” I exclaimed. What the hell is that?

….It turned out my parents had left me a bowl of exotic fruit salad when they popped round last month.
I got my self a spoon, sat down in front of the G5 and logged on for a slice of horsemeat.
It was right then that I saw ‘Xerxes the abominable apple’ and this…

Evil Fruit Salad