more sightings of the dreaded avocado…

Further evidence of the misdeeds of ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’ abounds.

Roger Slater from Edinburgh, Scotland emailed us the following message:

“One day I was cleaning my Bowling Trophies, and recoiled in horror when I saw an malicious-looking avocado grinning at me whilst sitting in one of my Bowling Cups. I attempted to knock the Cup to the floor, but the avocado vanished in an instant.”


He adds:

“The next day I was hit by a bus on the way to work. I spent six weeks in traction at the local hospital, and have not been able to participate in any sports since. I am very bitter about the whole incident.”

And so he should be. What gives these evil avocados the right to float into people’s lives, often for a matter of seconds, and then cause months and years of misery as a result?

I personally think a ‘magic talisman’ that wards off ‘evil avocados’ is long overdue. Maybe government departments should look at this, instead of stockpiling flu vaccines…