more useful things to do with those unwanted free CD-ROMs…

Being a computer nerd, I am constantly inundated with free CD-ROMs and DVD disks, not to mention those that fall out of newspapers and random magazines. Lately, I have also had to suffer the indignity of a local gang of youths throwing them at me when I cycle down the road, accompanied by shouts of “LOOOS..EERRR”…Therefore, I have plenty of these items to hand.

It has long been an interesting pastime to find creative ways to use these surplus CD’s. Some people use them as bird-scarers, mould them into ashtrays, make child’s mobiles or sculptures out of them, construct suits of protective armour, plus a thousand other things.

However, I have a brainwave before. Why not try and cover an entire house or building with them? Instead of using gravel or stone cladding, why not go down the cheaper route of ‘CD-Cladding’?

Sure, there may be planning issues, and it may require people who live in or work in opposite buildings to wear dark sunglasses during daylight hours to avoid the inevitable glare…but apparent from that, it is a superb way to get rid of those unwanted CDs.

To prove my point, I am taking the rest of the day off, and will be cladding my house in CD-ROMs.

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