what does ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’ do in its spare time?

Further to recent sightings, we have received an intriguing email from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. He informs us:

“I visited the bookies at lunchtime to put a small bet on the coming weekends football. On my way out, I crossed a small park adjacent to the betting shop. As the weather is still quite warm, there were lots of people lying about. Then I saw this:

michelmas bookies

The notorious avocado was just sitting there smoking a roll-up and filling in some betting slips. If you ask me, it obviously has too much spare time on its hands.”

With hindsight, this is so obvious. No ‘evil avocado’ can spend twenty-four hours a day causing chaos and mayhem. Even they must need time to ‘chill out’ and indulge in other pursuits.

Please let us know if catch any other evil fruit ‘off-guard’…