one must withdraw to seek peace and quiet…

My need for a peaceful working environment means that it is a time for a trip to Bookbinder Hall, the main family residence of several centuries standing.

After choosing a book from the vast library, I settled down on my day bed for a glass of champagne and to smoke my pipe.

At this point, I started to wonder why pipe-smoking had never caught on amongst ladies. While they puffed away on their vile cigarettes in huge numbers, I can not recall ever seeing one lady smoke a pipe.

True, while pipe-smoking is a manly activity, we are now in the 21st century and are supposed to have equality between the sexes.

Maybe if great icons of yesteryear, such as Marilyn Monroe and Margaret Thatcher had sported a good solid pipe whilst in public, things may have turned out differently.

I must get down to work and write an article for ‘Le Moderne Edwardian’ about this interesting subject…