stabbed in the back…again…

I was rudely interrupted from my work this afternoon by some sharp banging on my front door. Upon opening in, It was rudely served with an injunction by what can best be described as an ape-like creature.

The injunction forbids me to contact young Crispin by any way or form, or to enter the immediate vicinity of his apartment. So this is the end of yet another friendship.

I added the paperwork to a section in my filing cabinet labeled ‘injunctions’.

I sat down and reflected upon how many friendships with my proteges have ended in similar acrimonious circumstances. I started to wonder – is there a pattern emerging here?

Then it struck me. Of course there is a pattern. It is quite clear. I seem to be surrounded by UNGRATEFUL young people. They wish to learn great things from the renowned Mr Bookbinder. However, they do not have sufficient inner strength to follow this through.

Mr Bookbinder tries his best to act like a modern day Greek Sophist to impart his vast knowledge and learning to a select group of young men. However, it seems that these young men are too poisoned by this ephemeral culture to subject themselves to the requisite discipline necessary to attain the path to true knowledge and learning.

Such learning from a great man cannot be acquired without pain – even if this pain may be occasionally inflicted in a physical and extremely violent manner.

Such ingratitude! Let them get back to their Pop Music and DVD’s. Let them sink into the mire of their enfeebled minds. It their own loss.

Oh! The pointlessness of it all…I just cannot regain my concentration after this interruption… I need to drink a glass of champagne and head off to the theatre…