the problem of ‘evil fruit’ rears its head once again…

In reply to recent postings, I have just received an email from Alfred P. Yoghurt-Pot from Mobile, Alabama. He states:

“Mr Denby. I read your postings about ‘Michelmas the evil avocado’. You think you know it all? Boy, have you a lot to learn! Here in this part of Alabama we have been contending with several varieties of evil fruit for as long as I can recall. Take this critter, known locally as ‘Balthazar the Loathsome Lime’.”


“This Michelmas creature seems to be an absolute joke in comparison to what we have to contend with. Try coming after this critter with a hammer. You would be lucky to escape with your life. I’m serious!!!”

Well, one the one hand I take his word for it. However, some further independent evidence or proof of this phenomenon would be greatly appreciated.