a splendid evening, but caught off-guard by a ridiculous riddle…

Apparently based on a current film, I went out last night with a few acquaintances to the theatre and saw “SNAKES ON A PLANE: THE MUSICAL”. And jolly good fun it was too! I’m still singing the following song wherever I go:

Oh when a snake,
launches at you,
upon a plaaaaanaane,
move out of the way,
and grab a weapon,
or be ensnaaaaaared by it’s deadly venom…

Anyway, we went on to 7-QX for a meal afterwards, and I had the most unusual conversation with the proprietor, Mr Yu-Gi-Oh. As soon as I walked through the door, he came over and warmly greeted me.

“Ah! Good to see you again Mr Bookbinder. You are of course a valued customer. But I trust there will be no histrionics or tantrums in my restaurant tonight? Good. Before you dine, I will propose the following problem. I will state four statements about my friend Tony. Please try and guess which one is the incorrect statement.”

He paused for a moment, then continued.

“Number One:    He is socially accepted by shopping trolleys.”
“Number Two:    He is sexually assaulted by shopping trolleys.”
“Number Three:    He secretly admires shopping trolleys.”
“Number Four:    He is currently doing a post-graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.”

Without hesitation I replied “Number four, of course!”

Yu-Gi-Oh looked at me for a few seconds, then replied “Number four is not the correct answer…”

“Well, what is the correct answer?”

“I cannot tell you Nigel. I will leave you to work it out for yourself.”

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about it, and have spent most of the day trying to work it out. I still cannot work it out. Damn Yu-Gi-Oh and his riddles!!!