I went to the latest trendy restaurant last night…

Yesterday evening, I went out with my young new protege Tobias. He advised that we visit a new restaurant named ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’.

“It isn’t about food Nigel,” he explained, “it’s more about having an intense experience!”

Well, I’m not quite sure about that statement, but the food was certainly different. There was no menu. Instead we were served the following meal:

Crushed eggshell served with chili corn-flakes

Main Course
Catfish Roulades served on a bed of soiled panties, garnished with potato peelings

Arctic Roll drizzled in onion gravy

All this was washed down with a bottle of port.

I wasn’t too keen to be honest, but young Tobias was gushing with enthusiasm. “I know it looks like tasteless slop Nigel…But..PUT THAT OUT OF YOUR MIND…just think…there is nowhere in Britain where you can experience such an…avant garde menu!…I think it is simply…fantastic! All the fashionable people eat here! This is so…TWENTY FIRST CENTURY!!!”

Maybe I am getting too old and boring. Maybe I should just accept that this is the direction that civilization is moving in, and I should embrace it with open arms.

[‘The Decline of Western Civilization’ is located in Covent Garden, London W1 – bookings recommended].