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Who will be the first company to open an office on the moon?

You may have noticed that there has been very little activity on Horsemeat this week. This is mainly due to factors affecting the contributors, such as psychotic episodes, delirium and taking time out to consider wider issues. One of the main questions I have been considering over the last couple of weeks is: “WHO WILL […]

Totally and utterly ‘lost the plot’…

After having emerged from a month of debauchery and excess I felt totally at a loss about what to do next. Therefore, I called my old school chum Basil Saltly and announced “Basil. Its Humph. I think I’ve totally and utterly lost the plot…” “Lost the plot?” he asked. “Yes. I’ve lost the plot. Big […]

A lunch appointment with my celebrity acquaintances…

Yesterday I ventured out after a long absence and went out to lunch with Lionel Blair (the tap-dancer famous for his appearances on the TV Show ‘Give us a Clue’ and who also happens to be the half-brother of Prime Minister Tony). His great friend Travis Pickle also accompanied us. After the meal I ended, […]