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‘Moving Houses’ – pushing the boundaries of reality television…

Switch over to UN-RE-AL-I.T.TV9 where you will see the latest offering from horseMEAT productions entitled ‘Moving Houses’. Sticking to our successful formula of taking reality television concepts and pushing them to their logical conclusion, this time we focus on ‘lifestyle swaps’. However, instead of letting a chav dole mole and a millionaire businesswoman swap roles […]

save the ‘Tree Octopus’ !!!

You may have wondered what the horseMEAT team have been up to lately? (or more likely, you haven’t been – you probably have been doing something else…) Well, we have been away campaigning and lobbying to save the very rare and endangered Tree Octopus. The Tree Octopus is a close relative of the sea-dwelling octopus, […]

The launch of ‘ChavBar’ confectionary…

Apologies for going quiet lately, but exciting developments have been underway at horseMeat Enterprises. We have been developing a new chocolate bar. This will go on sale with the name of ‘ChavBar’. What is unique about it is that each chunk of chocolate will be embossed with the mark of a Gold Sovereign Ring. The […]