save the ‘Tree Octopus’ !!!

You may have wondered what the horseMEAT team have been up to lately? (or more likely, you haven’t been – you probably have been doing something else…)

Well, we have been away campaigning and lobbying to save the very rare and endangered Tree Octopus.

The Tree Octopus is a close relative of the sea-dwelling octopus, and can today only be found in a few forests in the North-West of the United States.

Intense logging activity over the last couple of centuries and hunting for the purpose of manufacturing accoutrements has all but wiped out the Tree Octopus.

As this is a truly unique creature, we feel that attention must be focussed upon its plight and more must be done to protect it.

For more details, click on this link and see what you can personally do not protect the Tree Octopus.

Interesting Fact: Why have I never seen a Tree Octopus in activity?

Answer: The Tree Octopus does not survive outside of its natural environment. If it senses extreme danger, it can effectively “commit suicide” by embedding the hooks (housed inside its tentacles) within its body. Most captured Tree Octopuses have survived for little more than days when captured by humans.