The Evil Tool Elf – fact or fiction ?

Sadly, I have no good news to report; in fact, the situation seems to escalating and getting worse day by day.

This morning, I found the following picture pinned to my door.

Evil Tool Elf

The last time I heard about the ‘Evil Tool Elf’ was at prep school. Every christmas, my old chum, Cuthbert Yoghurt-Pot, used to tell dark tales about the ‘Anti-Santa Claus’ and his evil elves who would scour the land each Christmas Eve and do unspeakable harm to naughty children.

Every year he would say “Oh Nigel, there will be no toys for you this christmas. The Anti-Santa has been watching you, and you have to admit that your behavior has been rather appalling this year. Maybe his evil elves will cut off one of your fingers, or set your bedroom on fire.”

I used to be so terrified, that each Christmas morning when I awoke without any loss of body parts and no serious harm done, I would breath a sigh of relief and suspect that perhaps I hadn’t been that bad after all. But I did worry about the other children who maybe had not been so lucky.

However, this is a bad omen. Maybe I will be visited after all this christmas…