Parrot of Attorney

As I may be leaving the United Kingdom for a considerable amount of time, I needed to give some thought to the problem of whom I can trust to oversee my legal affairs whilst I am away.

Some of my affairs are of so delicate a nature that I decided not to entrust them to my usual lawyers (and certainly not to the growing band of “Child Barristers” who seem to be setting up in practice). Instead I hit upon the novel idea of appointing a “Parrot of Attorney”.

My reasons are simple:

  • Money. It is more cost effective to feed a Parrot than to retain an expensive lawyer who needs to maintain an expensive office and staff.
  • Plus the fact that I can’t be contradicted by a Parrot.

Earlier in the day I visited an exotic Pet Shop and bought a splendid African Parrot whom I named “Roderick”. Therefore, should anybody require any decisions to be made or legal papers signed in my absence, they need to visit Roderick. A squawk or a footprint on a document should suffice.