What the Toys really get up to when you are not about…

I’m sure that most people have watched movies such as Toy Story or Small Soldiers where the whole plot revolves around children’s toys springing to life when the humans are not about and getting into various scrapes.

I guess certain people will remember programs such as Bagpuss, which followed the same principle.

However, as entertaining as all this may be, at the end of the day it is just fiction. A nice entertaining film or story. But have you ever considered what toys REALLY get up when you turn your back.

Well, I have never given this a moments thought… until yesterday. Due to burglary at one of the local offices of horseMEAT Enterprises where a significant amount of equipment was stolen, some of the security staff were spending the day flicking through CCTV footage in order to look for evidence. Early in the afternoon I received a phone call and was told “Humph! You’ve got to get over here and see this!!!”

I speeded over there, fully expecting them to present me with incriminating evidence that would pinpoint to the thieves. However, when I entered the Security Control Room, all I could hear was raucous laughter. Once my presence was noted, the Chief Security Officer said “Look at this Mr Bumphry. You won’t believe your eyes!”

And he was good to his word. Here are a couple of stills from the Video Footage.



Soft Toys FORNICATING in my business premises!!! That was truly the last thing I had expected to see…