The most common complaint

Being a famous Child Barrister, I hear lots of complaints from my clients on a daily basis.

You may assume that the most common complaints relate to the unfairness of the Legal System or the size of my fees.

However, you may be surprised to hear the most common compliant I hear (and I must hear this at least once a week) is how the cartoon Scooby Doo went downhill after the introduction of Scrappy Doo.

“That dog is very irritating,” my clients will complain. “Why did they ever introduce him. What were they thinking of?” Sometimes they will launch off into a further rant about the latest incarnation of Scooby Doo, comparing it unfavourably to classic “Scooby” that they watched when they were kids.

Well, as they are paying me for my time, I don’t really care. They can talk about whatever they want to… Let me at him !!!