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Eat Tripe!!!

Yet more obscure posters have been appearing, often in bus shelters or railway stations. Maybe this really is part of some obscure healthy eating campaign, or possibly a campaign to promote greater understanding of offal in a wider sense. I myself will be tucking into a bowl of spicy fried tripe this evening.

Facts, Figures and Talking Calculators…

What a day!!! I was roused from my sleep at 7am by a telephone call. I tried to ignore it, but it kept ringing and ringing and became hard to ignore. When I answered, I realised it was my old school chum Tarquin. He was rambling and shouting down the line and sounded like he […]

Eat Cabbage!!!

More strange posters have been appearing all over the city. This is but one example: Obviously this could be part of a Healthy Eating campaign. But where does this PLONK character fit into the equation? I have been making extensive enquiries, but nobody seems to know exactly who he is, and lots of the information […]