A Jolly Weekend…

Well, I spent last weekend down at my place in the country, and who should show up but none other than my errant young nephew Cornelius.

He was sporting a most outrageous hairstyle, with clumps of hair stuck up into huge tusk-like spikes.

“How on earth do you manage to get your hair to look like that?” I asked out of curiosity. He looked at me blankly and replied “Hair Gel? What do you think?”

“We’ll have none of this nonsense!!!” I replied, “When I was young we didn’t have fripperies like ‘hair gel’. Instead, we would slick our hair back with Cod Liver Oil to achieve a most splendid effect. In fact, I still do to this day.”

“I bet you were popular with the ladies…and stank into the bargain…” replied Cornelius.

“Oh, everybody stank back then. You simply didn’t worry about things like that, unlike today.”

We argued for a while, then settled down for afternoon drinks. I sat in a chair and lit my pipe, while Cornelius lit up an oversized cigarette that he called a “spliff”.

Anyway, we later settled down to a delicious meal of Spicy Leprechaun Stew with dumplings, and the weekend passed by in a most pleasant fashion.