The trip of a lifetime!!!

Merry Christmas dear readers. Wary of yet another ‘traditional’ Christmas, the team at horseMEAT decided to take a trip to Pot Noodle Island in order to relax and do something a little different.

After booking into the “Hotel Scooby Doo” (which I must tell you is the most upmarket hotel on the island) we went off and took in some of most famous sites that Pot Noodle Island has to offer, such as the “cave with no end” (not to be confused with the “cave within a cave”), the famous “Upside Down Tower Block”, and most importantly of all, the world famous “Dead Mouse Shop”. Apparently, it has been trading successfully for over three hundred years and attracts visitors from all over the world. In fact I couldn’t resist buying a stuffed mouse to hang on the wall of my apartment.

After visiting a local bar and sampling vast quantities of their excellent spinach liqueur, we spent the evening watching a famous sporting spectacle, namely the world famous “Cage-Fighting Leprechauns”. When the majority of Leprechauns fled from Ireland last century, one of the most popular destinations was Pot Noodle Island. However, being far too small to perform most occupations, the leprechauns gravitated towards entertainment and sporting activities, an area where they have really excelled and found their niche.

Anyway, Christmas day arrived, and we had a superb lunch at the hotel that included roast badger, deep-fried nettles accompanied by a side-dish of spicy super-noodles. Instead of the traditional Christmas pudding, we opted for some choc-ices.

To top off the occasion, Humphrey ended up arguing with a helpless teenager outside the hotel and ended up getting pistol-whipped by a local police officer (you don’t mess with the law on Pot Noodle Island).

Instead of heading off to Spain for your holiday this year, consider taking a short break to Pot Noodle Island this year. I believe that the currency exchange rate is very favourable.