Recent Update


Visitors to this site may have wondered why there has been little activity for some time. The reason is due to an unfortunate incident on Pot Noodle Island earlier last year.


Due to ongoing legal proceedings on Pot Noodle Island, we cannot exactly disclose what occurred, but I can confirm that the entire team spend most of the last year on remand in Pot Noodle Island’s notorious prison (for those of you who are unaware, this is located on Wasabi Island, a tiny uninhabited outcrop a mile away from the coast of Pot Noodle Island).


After spending ten months in medieval conditions (often in chains and solitary confinement), contacts were made, strings were pulled, and we were suddenly driven to the airport, hastily put on a plane, and deported back to England.


Needless to say, the possibility that we will ever set our feet upon the soil of Pot Noodle Island again is quite remote.


Personally, I will miss Pot Noodle Island, as it is a charming place to visit. I do not wish to discourage other people from visiting that wonderful island.