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Urgent Appeal for Information

What a week!!! I had to travel to the headquarters of horseMEAT Enterprises Plc several times this week, due to a series of random break-ins. Even though it was obvious that somebody (or some people) had smashed their way into the building, at first we slightly puzzled, as nothing appeared to have been stolen. However, […]

Pot Noodle Eating Contest !!!

Hello readers. Tomorrow I will be attending the final of the World Pot Noodle Eating Contest. Like any popular sport, the rules are quite straightforward. Whichever finalist can eat the most Pot Noodles within thirty minutes will be crowned as “World Pot Noodle Eating Champion, 2010”. Apparently, the record stands at 131 Pot Noodles. Hopefully […]

A Sandwich of great importance

After hearing the news that Tesco have launched a lasagne sandwich (this is actually true!!! I had to pop into the nearest Tesco to have a look for myself, and the immediate image that came to mind was of farm slurry encased between two slices of bread !!!), the team at horseMEAT Enterprises Plc have […]