The horseMEAT guide to 21st century Victorian Etiquette – Part One – Accosting

Yes, it is easy to laugh at Victorian morality, but one cannot deny the fact that there are too many feral children and roughnecks roaming our streets, ready to pounce and cause outrage at the slightest provocation. Unhand me you scoundrel !!!

ACCOSTING. When a lady is met or a person of either sex in a superior position, the hat should be lifted as a mark of respect. A gentleman should not presume to notice a lady, until the lady recognises him; the lady should also be the first to advance her hand to be shaken. Upon the occasion of shaking hands the gloves should not be removed. When a person bears evident signs of being in a hurry, he should just be acknowledged, and then suffer to pass on. When an acquaintance betrays a wish not to be recognised, he should not be seen. Modes of recognition which consist of slapping persons on the back, tapping them on the shoulder, pulling their coat tails or their hair, calling in their ear, or shouting out their name in the street are vulgar and absurd antics, reprehensible in the extreme.