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A most hilarious incident at my Gentleman’s club…

Let me tell you that I witnessed the most splendid event yesterday. I contacted old Bookbinder and told him “I haven’t got a clue what to write about on horseMEAT this week. Maybe you could meet me at my club in Mayfair to discuss.” Anyway, whilst I was waiting at the club for Bookbinder to […]

great business ideas no#9317 – a pack to freeze dog dirt?

If you have ever had a great idea for setting up a new business, it is essential to discuss it with other people, in order to get feedback and look at practical problems that may not have occurred to you. Look at this article that was posted on the UK.Finance newsgroup some time ago. I […]

concrete filled footballs

You may have seen the recent story on where two men in Berlin were arrested for filling footballs with concrete, and leaving signs encouraging people to kick them. Thank god that they did not fill them with explosives… or vicious man-eating centipedes….

Real alternatives to false teeth.

After enduring a rather painful trip to my dentist in Sloane Street, I started to wonder why in an age where any part of a person’s body can seem to be modified or enhanced (mainly for reasons that are little more than vanity), people are not demanding crazier and wackier modifications to their own teeth. […]