IDIOTCARD – The horseMEAT Scratchcard

Are you sick and tired of continually frittering away your meagre resources on scratch-cards, only to find out that yet again you haven’t won a penny and that you have wasted ten pounds on a few squares of cardboard?

Do you feel continual anguish and self-loathing at the thought of all this wasted money, whilst your family struggles to make ends meet?

Well, take a break. Play the Horsemeat Scratchcard, where every player is a loser – Guaranteed!

Scratch off those alluring silver strips to read abusive messages, words of wisdom, and good old-fashioned gibberish.

Instructions – use the mouse to navigate the coin around the card. When you hover over the silver strips, click the mouse button and keep it pressed down to perform the scratching movements.

Click here to launch the ‘IdiotCard’

(Requires Flash Player 6 or higher).

[If you still can’t resist buying the real thing, send us some money, and we’ll send you some squares of cardboard cut out of old cereal boxes].